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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Caramel Apples

Loaded sweet potatoes with tangelos, avocado, and haloumi…RECIPE
Fuck love it’s overrated
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Has anyone noticed that Somova and Vostrotina have been standing at the same barre spots doing the same grand rond de jambe for like 10 years… like can that count as one of my my fav otp’s even though they’re both women?

'even though they're both women' um…? Didn't realize OTPs couldn't be two women?

He means in a ballet sense because in ballet when you have an OTP it’s usually that you love a partnership and pas de deux is pretty much exclusively a man and a woman because two women/two men can’t partner each other (not just because of tradition but mostly because of physical reasons—it’s hard).

But he loves Elena and Alina dancing *next to* one another even though they aren’t technically dancing *with* each other. By saying “even though they’re both women,” he’s not implying that two women can’t be together but that from a ballet standpoint they aren’t actually a partnership.

What’s also important to keep in mind is that ballet OTPs aren’t necessarily romantic (example: Diana Vishneva/Marcelo Gomes).

yeah i was about to say that ^

like tbh when i think of ballet OTP’s i think of people who have danced together in leading reals ya feel what im saying? i have never shipped two female dancers because i have never really payed attention to a female/female partnership within ballet

but i ship these two SO hard

I mean… I kinda ship Olga and Kristina sometimes… but on the other hand I imagine them having this weird intensely emotional rivalry/bitchy dynamic but being really sweet to each other on the outside it’s weird but I’ve heard they were both sweethearts in the school so i bet it’s not how it actually is I just have.. fantasies

omg thank you guys for explaining….I was kinda hoping everyone would understand my caption without getting offended…


Angelina Vorontsova in Les Sylphides with the Kremlin Ballet.
Photo © Valeria Komissarova.



just a sad babydoll x


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